Cannot load a Bitmap Font in the Inspector

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Galileo

Godot Engine V3.0.2.
I have created a Bitmap Font using the bmfont tool. It has created two files: stencil.font (as a text file) and stencil_0.tga. This font should be used with a button.
At the Inspector, opening the button and then CustomFonts, I can see that Godot will accept BitmapFonts. If I go to “load” and then select the stencil.font file, Godot will accept it, but then outputs an error “Unrecognized binary resource file: res://stencil.font”

On the other hand, attaching a GDScript to the button with these lines:
extends Button func _ready(): get_font("font").create_from_fnt("stencil.font")
will work perfectly.
Do I make a mistake at the Inspector, or are BitmapFonts not supported there?