Capture Keypress in a Popup

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Cameron Kilgore
:warning: Old Version Published before Godot 3 was released.

I am trying to use a Popup node to capture a keypress event, as a means of creating a configuration screen for keybindings (that would later update InputMap).

When a Button event is fired, the popup takes over and the User is prompted to press a key. However, the event I am using to track keypresses when the popup is over, is never being fired. I’m not clear on whether or not this is the best manner to track keypresses in this state.

The button event code is:

func _on_CharacterForward_button_down():
	# Open Keybinding Popup
		"Press the button you want to bind to Forward or press Esc to cancel."

The Popup Input Event code is:

func _on_ButtonBindPrompt_input_event( ev ):
	if ev.type == InputEvent.KEY:
		var evt = ev #added for tracking a breakpoint event that never occurs.

Any leads on what I could be doing wrong?