Carrion (by Phobia Game Studio) monster sprite analysis

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By 2Dfanatic

Hey guys i have been playing carrion for a while. In the game you play as this tentacle monster (player) whose solo objective is to kill and spread it’s biomass all over the containment facility.
However what fascinates me the most is the game’s monster’s (player) sprite animations
Here’s what it looks like :

Closer look at Carrion Player sprite animations

The game uses left mouse click for movement. And when you click on the screen 1 or 2 tendrils extend out of the player sprite in a straight line. If it colloids it attaches to the colliding mesh. If it does not make contact it extends out a bit further and returns back inside the player sprite. What is fascinating is while heading back the tentacle wiggle’s just like a tentacle. And this is animated via code and no ta predetermined animation.

This is what the sprite sheet for the monster (player) looks like:
Monster player sprite sheet

The only other game i have seen this kind of animation is in noita.
Noita tentacle wand

I can’t find any resources online on how to simulate this king of animation in godot. If Anyone here willing to share this knowledge would be much appreciated.

have a look here … its not that sophisticated but its a start

Dev Blog - Refactorting The Tentacles

here are some generale informations about procedural animations

An Introduction to Procedural Animations - Alan Zucconi

My approach would be some sort of rope physics. A series of nodes attached with springs. Then add some sort of sinus wave tension along the rope. When the rope is released the springs force lessens and the sine wave tension dominates on the nodes. This could make the desired effect of waviness when retracting.

klaas | 2020-07-27 11:02

Thank you this was very helpful.

2Dfanatic | 2020-07-27 23:52