Changing Player's Position Bug

Commenting the function didn’t affect anything. The player’s sprite is set to 0,0 (although a line of code immediately moves it back into an area so I can test it.)

how about the topmost node2d node of the player? is it at center?
from the video, it can be seen it’s in center though…

if thing doesnt work again, the only way is to manually get the global_position during runtime, where after you set it from editor at remote tab, print the global_position of player example in a _process() function, then copy the global position and just set it like you used to set early on with Vector2()

Everything is centered. I’ve been doing some more experimenting (including your newest suggestion), and it still doesn’t work. It’s as if an entirely new coordinate system is in place when the game runs.

Solved it. I accidentally had my Player scene have a Node2D root node instead of having the CharacterBody2D being the root.

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