Character Genration - is it possible?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By ishi

To begin with, I want to say that I am not a professional developer, and for this reason it is noticeably limited in the complexity of the methods created.

I’m not a modeler, but a programmer. I compensated for the difficulty in drawing 8 pictures for each frame of animation in 2D isometry by switching to 3D, but then it was the turn of creating character generation and terrain from different models, and now I’ve stopped at an even more dubious decision than to simply start creating a game with a team of 3 person

I was not able to find in the engine of opportunities for creating models, as I understood it, it can only read already existing ones in the “scene” format.
Theoretically, I could look at the source code of the engine and after some time create a program for generating body parts from models into a full body, writing down the settings for attaching the objects to each other, but this would take an indefinite time right up to infinity.

With a final attempt not to abandon the project due to the difficulties of developing, I ask the question here; Is it possible, and if possible - please tell me how I could not manually create each character through a GUI, but automate this process using only models from a blender and a settings template?

Thank you for attention.

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: MysteryGM

What difficulties are you experiencing? Recently my own team had some problems with Godot that we only now starting to resolve; maybe we could help you with your problems.

Yes, character generation is possible. Just note that character generation is a very-very advanced topic.
There is a few ways to go about it, ranging from simple to extremely complex.

Very Simple:
Create the parts, like arms, legs and head. Then animate all these parts with the same rig. Once done, in the engine player selects the parts.
In the engine, you will place all these under the rig:
enter image description here
As you can see here it works very easily. The only rule is that the mesh must have weights for the rig.

More advanced:
Is doing the same. But in the end you use all the parts to make a new mesh.
Copy UVs and other edge info like smooth groups.
Bake Textures to new texture.
Copy animation weights to new mesh.
Now you have a new mesh made from all the info of the old mesh. Starting here is a good idea:

There is much more advanced ways, but start with these first.

Makehuman is good software for making meshes.

Half the question was the ability to create models from several other models and it has been solved, thanks!
The less important, but still extremely significant question for the creation time of the NPC remains, can I somehow create the H number of models with random body parts from the list and add them to the scene after starting the game, leaving them to exist within the save file?
I suppose it would be hard to add them to the visual editor, so even just saving them separately for processing by scripts would be very good.

There is one difficulty - I don’t know how to work with models (no experience), and therefore I’m interested in the functionality of the engine in this matter, since I’ll probably just not be able to completely process and integrate files into the game bypassing Godot’s editor

ishi | 2018-10-22 22:26