Compile for MeowBit or other hardware?

I’m looking to try and create a game on MeowBit hardware. I realize that hardware is designed for Makecode Arcade but there are some limitations (multiplayer with different screens).

Having created a few POC games on Godot I was wondering if anyone had targeted low end devices such as MeowBit or other DIY “gameboy” style devices. The goal is to have handheld, dedicated devices where I can network a couple of them together.

I realize I won’t be able to do anything advanced and the limitations actually interest me.

While Godot does support 32bit ARM, I do not believe meowbit uses Linux, Windows, or MacOS and Godot games cannot run as standalone programs.

I haven’t heard the term POC games, would love to learn more about that. What kind of devices were targeted?

I haven’t heard the term POC games

I think that means Proof of Concept.

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Ah I was hoping for something like “Pocket O’ Computer” :upside_down_face: SOC being “System On a Chip”

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I love Pocket O’ Computer. :slight_smile:

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Hehe yeah sorry PoC “proof of concept”.
Thanks for the quick reply, I’m exploring around to see what would fit the bill:

  1. Can be played on a dedicated handheld
  2. Supports multiplayer (ideally without a network connection)
  3. Reasonably easy to make.

Being a web app developer by day, I don’t want to always cave to web tech stacks but I fear it may be the best choice so far :expressionless:.

Makecode Arcade: multiplayer doesn’t allow for unique screens per player

Godot: haven’t explored multiplayer without network, but knowing it doesn’t run on DIY hardware…

GDevelop: has multiplayer but requires network, not sure if it can be run on dedicated hardware either. Also not sure I like their “no code” angle so much.

GBstudio: no multiplayer but otherwise solid have been a perfect fit.

PyGame: possible but feels like it’s low on the “easy” level especially since I have very little experience in this area.

PixiJS + : I may find a way using raspberry pi handheld devices. This is my last resort mostly because this is what I do all day for my real job and want to explore new things!

PyGame uses SDL2 which I do not believe supports standalone platform. That standalone platform thing is going to be your biggest mess to sort out with the Meowbit.

GBStudio targets the gameboy’s standalone platform and is either based on a Z80 or a 16 bit ARM processor, not sure if it’s for gameboy or gameboy advanced.

Generally speaking if the funky device does not support Linux, then you are getting into embedded development which will require compiled languages and very specific targets. I see a lot of boards under the Kittenbit editor so there must be a collection related to microsoft’s code blocks, but you are probably restricted to C/C++ with basically zero libraries (so no tech stacks lol be careful what you wish for), Good luck! I like Zig for these challenges.

Makecode is probably your best bet, or studying assembly and architectures.

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As far as I’m aware, SDL2 is made in a really versatile way and supports a variety of platforms, INCLUDING PS2, so, it may as well actually support it off the bat. But still would be in direction of having to use non easy/non visual game engines like with godot.