Conflicting numbers in the monitor and stuttering... What's going on?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By 2plus2makes5

To get 60fps each frame should last 0.0167 second or less, then why i’m constantly getting numbers like these?
enter image description here

and why despite the high fps the game stutters constantly every second(more or less)?

Some more infos:
-i’m on godot 3.05 but it happened on previous versions too
-the scene is 3d
-despite the high fps the game stutters evidently every second
-with Low Processor Mode the stuttering is less pronounced(but still here)
-i’m not using physics at all, no physics bodies, no _physics_process, etc
-no fps limit and i’m using delta for calculations
-project settings are mostly the default ones
-vsync on/off doesn’t change anything
-i’m usually on a notebook with an intel hd + geforce 840m gpus(godot uses the geforce), but i have similar problems on a GPD Win 1 that has only an Intel HD

I think that the real fps aren’t so high as fps monitor says, any thoughts?

i was wrong about the GPD Win 1, i tried again and the game is very smooth despite not reaching 60 fps and the fps numbers look more correct, so it’s probably some issue with something on my notebook.

actually on the gpd win 1 the stuttering is there, just not the first time i run the game, if i change anything it starts stuttering, if i close and reopen godot and run the scene again without changing anything(but with the changes made previously) it’s smooth, but if i change anything it stutters.