Cozy Space Survivors 🚀

Hi lovely people! :two_hearts:

I’m Simon and I work on a cozy survivors-like in space. There are quests and one of them includes NPCs you should be familiar with :slight_smile:



436h - Time Breakdown

I’m using the ProcrastiTracker to capture the invested time. Here is a rough breakdown of how I spend my time so far on the project.

Firefox (Tutorials)..................5:24:00
Search sounds (Soundly/Zapsplat).....2:35:00
Mix/Export Sounds(Audacity)..........0:53:00
Translation (Modern CSV).............4:20:00
Total                              436:14:00



I’m sold ahaha


This will hopefully bring France together in Unity and end the debate once and for all :slight_smile:


I did play this game a few days ago and it didn’t quite click… While the concept is cool, it doesn’t feel quite cozy with constant enemy waves and so much focus on weapon upgrades. If I had taken on this idea I would have focused way more on the way the ship moves and the quests than on the passive combat. Passive combat is fine, but it stops being cozy when there’s hordes. Time limits are also the opposite of cozy imo.


Thank you or the feedback! I understand what you mean, and I had doubts about that too. But I was reassured a bit when listening to a podcast where some people talk about (cozy) indie games and one was speaking about her time with Vampire Survivors and how it felt cozy to her in the sense that she could relax, stop thinking and just enjoying the flow (and maybe listening to a podcast on the side).
In my case, the cozy refers more to the cute enemies/npcs, funny weapons (#banana-thrower) and I will try to balance it in a way, that the time limit is not building pressure. By the way: One change I did to make it less strict: Quest progress is saved. This means you don’t have to complete all quests in one session.

In any case, thanks again for taking the time to play my little game and writing feedback. That’s great! <3

Ah, that makes sense. If there’s progress between runs then the time limit doesn’t make you lose something that took time to acquire. And about the enemy amount, maybe it’s just a balance thing, but it felt more overwhelming than VS ever did. Possibly because you also use smaller numbers, so getting hit matters more.

That’s good feedback! I will keep an eye on the enemy-amount (I’m already ‘blind’ when it comes to these things). You also keep all the chocolate gathered through mining the chocolate-asteroids - even when you lose.
About the time limit: What I personally like about it (also in VS or the [for me] even better Halls of Torment: It tells you beforehand, how long your game session will be. I really like that because it reduces the barrier of “Should I even start the game…maybe I’ll end up playing 2h, and then it’s 3am”. I chose an even shorter time limit (10 instead of 30 minutes) to give people something quick to play, which can even happen in a little lunch break or whenever there’s no time for a “real” game: :smiley:

Added Fullscreen Mode.

Play in Browser: Cozy Space Survivors Web by simonschreibt



Loved the game! Just stopped to work on my project, but I will play it later!

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Thank you!

For the Moo-Moos! :crossed_swords:

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I didn’t get very far, but the game is a lot of fun ! It’s nice to see those creative and so well polished games from Godot creators, motivate me to work on my game. GG!

Oh, I hope it was not too difficult. I need to work on the balancing! Should be a nice experience and not frustrating.

Oh no no worries, just did’t had the time to play it properly, it was on a brower on my laptop. I’ll definitly give it a try later. Added it on my whishlist, i’m looking forward to see the final product !

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New UI :slight_smile:


Your lightning effect looks awesome! Any suggestions on how to implement it? Would highly appreciate it :face_holding_back_tears:

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Thank you! The lightning is mainly these two flip books (additive blend mode) and some sparkles and a bright flash at the beginning of the explosion. :slight_smile:


That’s brilliant! Thank you very much for explanation!

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Hallo Simon,
your game looks nice. The new UI is more consistent, matching the style of the game.

I think the language icon should be removed. There is no need for it and it looks very technical not suitable for an user UI in a game.

Thanks for your feedback!

Regarding the language icon: It might be a bit overthinking on my side, but there are people who don’t understand the word “language”. For those, this universal language icon was invented, and I really like the idea of offering the possibility for everyone to find the place to change the language easily even if you don’t understand the words “language” nor “English”. This icon will guide you and I will also put the language in the drop-down in the original form, e.g. “中文” instead of “Chinese”, so that everyone can find their language easily.

As I said: I might overthink this, but I want it as inclusive as possible. Even though it’s a bit weird that this is the only icon which doesn’t fit to the pixel-art-style - but I tried making it low-res, and then it was not really recognizable anymore. :smiley:


Nice game! Did you use Godot 3 or already version 4?

I have tried the web version, under options I see label “Video” but no controls, will it come later or are the controls hidden in the web version?

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