Create a matrix effect with load font resources

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By catafest

I try to recreate this matrix effect, see
I don’t have a font type fnt
I try to use the ttf and otf:
Any idea?
This is the script code :

extends Node2D

#export (Font) var font; 
var font; 
var col;
var matrix = [];
var upd = 0;
var move = 0;

func _ready():
	font = load("res://FreeSans.ttf")
	for f in range(65):
		for y in range(38):
			if y == 0 : 
				matrix[f].append(Vector2(randi()&1, int(randi()%11)));
func mtrx():
	if upd == 10: upd = 0;
	for f in range(65): matrix[f][0] = Vector2(int(rand_range(0,9)), int(randi()%11))
	for f in range(65):
		if matrix[f][0].y > 0: 
		elif matrix[f][upd].y <=0 :
			matrix[f].push_front(Vector2(randi()&1, int(randi()%11)));
	upd +=1
func _fixed_process(delta): 
	move += delta;
	if ( move > 0.15 ): 
func _draw():
	for i in range(65):
		for j in range(38):
			if matrix[f][y].y ==10:
				col = Color(1,1,1,matrix[f][y].y*0.1);
				col = Color(0,1,0,matrix[f][y].y*0.1);
				draw_string(font, Vector2(f*16,y*16+16), str(matrix[f][y].x),col)

The font file “fnt” is an imported file, i.e. it was imported into the engine. From the looks of it, Airvikar was using version 2.1 of the engine. If you’re using version 3.0 (or greater) of the engine, you’ll have to change the code appropriately. I would attempt it myself, but I’m currently on my mobile phone. :frowning:

Ertain | 2019-01-05 19:11

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: Michael Marid
  1. Save your ttf file inside your project
  2. Right click on a folder and choose “New Resource…”
  3. Search and select “DynamicFont”
  4. Save as XXX.tres (XXX=any name)
  5. Select XXX.tres and open it on Inspector
  6. Drag your ttf in Font => Font Data
  7. In your script put:
    font = load(“res://XXX.tres”) or font = load("res://folder_name/XXX.tres)