Creating on-demand/interactive credits system for game open to contribution

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By validbit

I’m working on a passion racing project and intend to make it open for contribution. I’m deeply concerned with ethics and legal and thus want to make artists more visible by making categorized in-game list of major assets loaded (ex. list on side of pause menu screen showing playing music, car models, racetrack & assets)

To be more specific with what I’d want to know is:

  • If I can add properties to resources managed by Godot and how
  • How would you go about storing, getting and managing this info (which format or db system and how to automate; table could be simple with max 15 columns (like resource_fullname, licence_type, licence_file (author’s detail), date_introduced, etc.)
  • Alternatives exist (or other ideas)

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: Lopy

To add custom metadata to existing Resources, you could:

  • Make a custom “wrapper” Resources, which would contain your information and the original data as a subresource.
    However you either end up with one file that is impractical to use, or three files for each real Resource.
  • Alternatively, add new fields to the .imports (probably involves editing the Engine).
    The issue there is that you may want to mass-delete .imports sometimes.

I would go with a single file, or potentially one per folder.

You could make it:

Both of these formats are easy to edit in a text editor.

PS: While I am sure you could make an amazing racing game in Godot, since you are interested in collaborative development, you may want to consider joining an existing developer team instead. Here are some candidates, from LibreGameWiki and the Free Software Directory .