Creatures at Dawn

Hey guys,

after i long time i started developing again. Actually i dont develop pixel games anymore. But i tried to make a game in western style with this one.
I totally changed the direction from the game. But this is it so far.
It will be a mini game on android and iOS.

What do you guys think so far?


thats a good point. So i will focus on guns and explosions :rofl:

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I polished the game and explosions a little bit. Still trying to balance the gameplay, but the game
is getting shape.
If I got the right direction on balancing, i will add a lot of new enemies and more abilities.
For now I got :

  • Full Metal Jacket Bullet (last for 2 seconds)
  • Airplanes which drop bombs
  • Thunder strike (dont know if I leave it like this)
  • Laser Beam (still in development)

Its difficult to make the game not too hard for casual players. (i normally love hard games, like dark souls)

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Very Nice! Looks very fun! A guy shooting all sides, that’s the Game that worth to be pay on steam or itch. The soundtrack is nice too! You must developing alone… good lucky for you!

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Update #3

I implemented new skills and buttons. Thought it would be funny with tanks and artillery.
The next step would, be to implement some scary and big creatures.

The idea with itch is a good idea. But for the first, i will stay away from steam. My main target platform is mobile, tho the game is not soo complex.