Custom Cursor Image Not working

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Ras0922$$

I set the custom image for cursor through project settings/Cursor,but it doesn’t shows up when I play the scenes.

Is it a .png file?

Friends-Games | 2020-07-15 20:43

yes it is a png. Is png not supported?

Ras0922$$ | 2020-07-16 14:00

.png is supported

Siandfrance | 2020-07-16 14:10

This is wierd, I just tried with a png image (the default icon.png) and it works fine.
Are you sure the file path is correct ? (res://path/to/image.png)
What did you use to create the png image (I know that paint does not export png files correctly) ?

Siandfrance | 2020-07-16 14:20

Its fixed!! Somehow when I zoomed in the camera the cursor started appearing. By the way I used Piskel to make the cursor .My guess the problem was with the size of cursor mine was 24X24.

Ras0922$$ | 2020-07-17 15:54