Decals (car tracks, craters) - on one mesh

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By gmaps


I have a mesh on which I would like to place textures of car tracks, explosion craters etc. Because I don’t need these textures on multiple meshes, I don’t want screen space decals, as they seem an overkill & bad for performance in mass numbers.

I was thinking of creating a logic that finds intersections with the mesh (in edges for example) and then creates a quad from it and pastes the texture to the quad.

Only the issue concerning render priority remains. Because it may happen that underlying mesh has a point somewhere in the middle that is higher than the quad, it may be visible. So I would have to somehow make those decals render after terrain. How can I achieve this? Changing render priority in material window is not a solution, because it causes a ton of other problems (it would hide the characters).

Or is there a better way to create these decals?