Default Light (SpotLight) doesnt send light in some cases. (Possible Bug? )

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Jean28518

Hey guys,

mabye I found a bug:
You can see it at best at the video.
If I hide the light, and show it again, it doesnt light anymore.
But when I then hide and show the object under it, than the light will add some light to the object again.

(Version: 3.2.1, linux, nvidia gtx graphics)

(Note: I use some more lights in the scene, which are disabled at the moment)

Do you see a bug? Or would you have some more information Or am I wrong, and doing something wrong?


:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: Mxt08

me, I recommend that you replace the “SpotLight” with a “DirectionalLight” and the arrow seen on that same node, and make sure it points to the object, which you intend to illuminate. I can’t assure you that this error will not occur, but I use this element in my projects when I use them and the truth is that I am very happy with how they work.
If you use a camera, either 2D or 3D, you have the option to go to the node inspector and change the environment (by checking the new Environment option) and once you have done that, within this same, select new ProcedureSky and change the effect of light a bit, although I think you can also change the color of the lighting if you go to the “DirectionalLight” settings (but this last paragraph is secondary)

I’ve done this text very long, but I think it can help you.
Mxt08 :slight_smile: