Desolar 🎮 - DEMO - Looking for feedback - turn-based/dungeon crawler/card battler

Hi, I’m Daniel, just another developer who took a leap of faith—quit the job and dedicated an entire year to developing a game. I initially started on UNITY and then moved to Godot. It’s been a roller coaster, but all in all, very enjoyable.

And finally, I have something to share—my game—Desolar. It is a turn-based tactical dungeon crawler that incorporates elements of a card battler. The game merges the classic look and feel of 90s retro RPGs with the strategic depth of chess. Desolar is currently available for testing, and all comments are more than welcome. Taste the fruits of my labor, be honest (but not too harsh—I have a sensitive soul).

Let’s prove to my girlfriend that I am not delusional. Thank you very much!

Test :arrow_right: Desolar by GridBasedGames
Wishlist :arrow_right: Desolar on Steam

Trailer :arrow_down:


Looks interesting and fun! My only concern is that, in the trailer, it’s not obvious what enemies will be affected until they are. Perhaps it’s just because the player is acting so quickly?


I’m glad you liked it! The footage in the trailer/gifs is sped up for dramatic effect. You can always right-click on enemies to view their stats and abilities. Additionally, ability information displays which cells will be affected.

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I’ve invested considerable effort into enhancing the clarity of my game. If you previously tried it and found the gameplay confusing, this version should be much more accessible for you. Explore the full changelog here.