DEV SNAPSHOT: Godot 4.3 beta 2

Sometimes you better make another beta!

This one is more stable and fixes many regressions, so give take it out for a spin and tell us about your experience :taxi:

Speaking of cars, the featured game Stunt Express might or might not mirror your testing experience :construction:

Become a delivery van driver. The best in the world. Take part in internationally renowned delivery van driving championships. Shoot your parcels (on time) into customer’s homes like a marksman while performing gravity-defying stunts and being chased by god knows what.


How this games are picked to showcase?

4.3 is shaping up to be really excellent!
I look forward to porting our game to it when it releases.

So some variances I get from moving from Godot 4.3 beta 1 to Godot 4.3 beta 2 using the Compatibility renderer are as follows:

  • peloading materials of GPUParticles3D no longer removes the lag spike on first time particle emitting
  • 3D lighting seems much darker. See screen clip attached. Beta2 on left, Beta1 on right
  • checking if a an AudioStreamPlayer3D is playing:
@onready var cruise_sound: AudioStreamPlayer3D = $CruiseSound
if not cruise_sound.playing:

causes this error:

Parameter p_playback is null.
  <C++ Error>    Condition "p_playback.is_null()" is true. Returning: false
  <C++ Source>   servers/audio_server.cpp:1834 @ is_sample_playback_active() Can you create an issue on the Issue tracker about the last item, the AudioStreamPlayer3D issue?