dialogue parser isn't working on multiple iterations, won't update the labels on the buttons i create

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can anyone help me debug this dialogue parser thing I’m making? ive been trying for hours to figure out what the issue is and i cant wrap my head around it. it takes dialogue from a json file and loads it into labels and buttons and connects everything, and it works fine for the first two iterations but on the third it just randomly stops labeling things and i have no idea why.

https://puu.sh/vxnhI/a9188a773a.jpg first iteration
https://puu.sh/vxnhU/ae0c976801.jpg second iteration
https://puu.sh/vxnii/6317118a8b.jpg third iteration

extends Nodevar panelNodevar story = { }var events = { }var choices = - Pastebin.com my script

this is the last thing i need to figure out before this project is finished and im on a tight deadline