Disabling Ads In Godot Games

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Farris

I have recently asked how to add ads to Godot but as I have now found out the information I would like to ask how you can disable ads if paid
By that I mean, I want an option in my game that if you want to remove ads you will have to pay before it to be removed. Would I also need to do anything at publishing the game - Google console / Google play store?

If you would like more information please ask me as soon as possible.

Thank you in advanced.

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: quizzcode

player’s profil : var premium_status
if 1 don’t show ads .
if 0 show ads piece of code.

Thank you for your help.
But I don’t understand.
Thank you.

Farris | 2020-06-05 22:33

Yes it is possible and easy as you describe it. To provide more help you will have to provide more info

rakkarage | 2020-06-05 22:52

Thank you.
What Information do you need?

Farris | 2020-06-05 22:58

What ads are you talking about? He.shows how to do it just swap his code for whatever ad u wanna show right?

rakkarage | 2020-06-05 23:13