Does anyone else's projects in Godot 4 beta x seem to get new bugs with every new beta release?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By RudyFisher

Hi community,

I love Godot.

I’m using 4 beta x for my project, but it seems with every new release there is a new bug introduced in my code.

Upgrading from beta 6 → beta 7 broke animation player nodes in my project. No matter what I try (reimporting the mesh instance, resaving .blend file, deleting the animation player node and using a fresh new one, recreating the animation) I can’t get the animation to play during debugging runtime.

Now, upgrading from beta 7 → beta 8 broke the Vector3.round() function and Vector3i() casting. I opened a fresh project (which I dedicate to recreating bugs with minimal work) I can’t recreate the round/cast bug. It only happens in the project that has persisted across beta releases.

Has anyone else had this issue?


:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: magicalogic

First of all, beta 8 had some regressions and I would recommend using beta 7 or waiting for beta 9. As for bugs appearing after each beta update, that is actually quite normal. Betas are not meant to be used in production after all. There are always some changes breaking compatibility between betas, no matter how small the change is and these end up creating the bugs in your project. The bigger your project the higher the chances of an update introducing a bug.

I would recommend reading the release notes and the list of merged pull requests when downloading a new beta release to see what changed and what is likely to introduce a bug in your project.

Also make backups of your project before opening it in a new beta version. I also keep the previous beta version until am sure the new one is usable enough.