Does Godot 4.1 dev 2 have all the fixes from 4.0.3 rc 1?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By matthait

I would like to switch to 4.1 dev 2 over 4.0.3 rc 1 but I want to make sure all the fixes and edits that are currently in 4.0.3 rc 1 are a part of 4.1 dev 2.

Not in the middle of a big project, I am simply impatient and want all the stability fixes and features available. And suffering from a tiny bit of the FOMO. Note my internet access is quite irregular and I’m worried I won’t get to the 4.1 release until quite some time after it is officially released (post beta), hence the FOMO.

Thanks in advance.


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  • Not in a big project
  • Want all the fixes and features

Then I suggest you throw 4.0.3 rc 1, 4.1 dev1, 4.1 dev2, 4.1 devX out of windows altogether and use the (latest) master version by building the source directly. Godot is an open source project and every day there’s always changes. The master branch is a moving target where majority of the development occurs, once master branch has reached certain checkpoints the team will then label it certain version then push the official build.

The initial setup would take a bit time but once you have it, it’s very simple to grab the latest hotness from the repository. The requirement is that you’d need a pretty good processor to compile.

The detailed guide, are in official docs and it will be too long to explain, but in summary it goes like this

  1. Clone the godot engine repository
  2. Install all the requirements to build the engine
  3. Build the engine for your current platform

The initial compilation will take hours to build. But after that it’s pretty easy. So let say in the next day there’s some pulls on the repository adding certain fix. You just

  1. Sync your local repository (by performing git pull) grabbing the latest updates
  2. Re-build the engine again for your current platform (won’t take as long as the initial build)