DOOM like characters

Godot Version

3.5.1 Snap Store, Ubuntu OS 22.4

For the past weeks I’ve been searching for ways to make my NPCs 2D sprites in a 3D scene, so they look like DOOM enemies (So they have different angles depending on where you look at them), but I can’t find any detailed or complete tutorial that can teach me how to do it and I’m kinda new.

Any tutorial/link/project will be helpful

Hello there,

if I remember correctly the old sprites (or models) were made in clay oder something, so im pretty sure this is no option for you.
Its been a loong time since I played doom.
Search for old making of doom videos.

My Try in a modern enviroment would be :
Take a 3d model and create a picture from each angle.
Scale it down in photoshop or any other art program (to pixelize it)
Put the picture on a 3d plane and make a plane for each direction

I dont see any reason why this should not work.
This probably not the answer you are looking for. But maybe this helps a little bit.

It’s been a while since I last played doom so I’m not sure how the character look but there is a Sprite3D node in Godot that allows you to place 2D sprites in a 3D scene. Enabling the Billboard option on these nodes will have the sprite always facing cameras.

From there, I would divide the space relative to the enemy in four parts:
Which represent which sprite must be drawn depending on where the camera is relative to the enemy.

Then I would in each process call calculate the angle between:

  • the vector pointing from the enemy to the camera (which I think is something like camera.global_position - enemy.global_position),
  • the -z axis (forward direction) of the enemy’s local basis (can be access with something like -enemy.transform.basis.z I believe),

in the (x, z) plane (the vectors have to be 2D).
(I think the angle between two vectors can be obtained with vec1.angle_to(vec2) or something similar)

Once that is done, if the absolute value of the angle is between 0 and pi/3 then you have to display the front sprite, if it’s between pi/3 and 2pi/3 then it’s the side sprite, 2pi/3 and pi is the back sprite.

Let me know if this is helpful