Doublejump - How to rotate 2D character 360deg during 2nd jump UNTIL velocity.y reaches 0?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Oian


I´ve successfully implemented functional doublejumping in my 2D platformer. However now i want to spice it up a bit and rotate the player during the second jump either 360 degrees or by using an animation player.
I have already tried both of these and they work BUT i only want the character to rotate when he is actually jumping in upwards direction (so basically velocity.y < 0).
And this is also easy to add with just another check, HOWEVER: Another problem arises. I want this animation / rotation to be completely done when the player is moving down (velocity.y >= 0) again.

How do i pull this off?

My Doublejump code:
(the comment there is what i want)

My character during the second jump when he should rotate:

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: VarionDrakon

Well… In general, the entire jump only raises the character, and everything that happens during the jump is animated, the animation editor is available inside the engine as a Node that you can apply. There you can set up a 360-degree flip, disappear, and so on… Simply put, call the configured Animation Node during the second jump and you will be happy)