Doubt about Auto Complete

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By IHate

Hello , I just started with godot and programming.

My question has to do with the smart complete, the thing is that when I was trying to change the placeholder of a LineEdit node I was trying:


Which didn’t work because it is placeholder_text and when I looked at the editor it only suggested 2 functions: _init() and _ready()

I realised that when the node has a script the editor don’t display any other options and I couldn’t make it display any other functions inside the script either, but if the node doesn’t have a script it does display the huge list of “actions and properties” like: placeholder_text, free(), emit_signal(), etc.

Is this supposed to work this way? It’s pretty inconvenient if you are new like me and don’t know all this syntax I know I can look at the documentation with F4 but if the editor doesn’t display the option I will thinl I’m doing something wrong and go look for an error somewhere else. Not saying it has to display every variable or custom function, but this are build in properties.

Thanks beforehand, I’m transitioning from Construct 2 loving Godot so far.

Hey, I noticed the same behaviour and wondered if I was doing something wrong. I’m coming from a C# (VS) background and I rely heavily on auto/smart completion particularly as I’m new to Godot. Did you figure out the issue at all? I’d code twice as quickly if I could work this out.

NautMeg | 2020-01-06 15:47