Doubts - Walk Enemy and HUD

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I’m using version 2.1.4 of GODOT, unfortunately 3.0 does not work here because of OpenGL 3.3.

So, for me it’s difficult to do certain things like moving an “enemy object”, I managed to do it many hours of study and watching videos on youtube, however almost 90% is in Godot 3.0 so I had to see the code on version 3.0, redo all of the code content to work in 2.1.4 and then try to make the enemy walk the way I want.

Unfortunately I just managed to get the start and end position of him and telling him how many steps he should walk, so he paced up and down.

And I would like to instantiate several other “Enemy Objects” where each one can walk in a different “Random” way. Could someone make the code available in the form of 3.0? because so I see how it is and refactor to work in 2.1.4

Another thing, could give me some tutorials teaching how to make the HUD to put amount of life in a character “3 Hearts” that were diminishing until the character dies.

Finally, hope that the 3.1 Alpha version that comes with OpenGL 2.0 support still launches this month = x

Thank you.

There are a few useful tutorials from KidsCanCode about Godot 2.1:
here and here.

DodoIta | 2018-07-15 10:02