Draw on a certain "path"?

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Hello everyone!

I have the following structure:
–Control1 (All controls have children)

I use draw_line() in the Panel’s script to draw some figures in the screen. My problem is that they are drawn under everything so if I want to see the figures, I have to hide the TextureFrame.

My drawing function needs to use Controls’ positions, so that’s why I use it in the Panel.

What can I do to draw on top of the TextureFrame?

Any help is greatly appreciated, greetings!

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: Not_a_Robot

StraToN @#godotengine gave the solution:

Create a new control that will have the drawing code and place it on top of the TextureFrame (or on below in the editor) like so:

--Control1 (All controls have children)

And then attach the code of the drawing (the code Panel used) to the DrawingControl.

Replace the part that gets Control’s position using