Dropdown ItemList in Editor Inspector

Godot Version



Working on a new project and using the already great FontAwesome plugin, i decided to modify it so that uses the 6th version of the font (the new version had some new icons that I needed), in order to also release it as an asset.
Since the icons get always more and more, i decided to create a dropdown list, where the matching icons will be displayed while you type the icon name.
To give you a clear idea, see the image below (sorry, but the platform wont let upload more images).

But when the plugin takes its place in the Editor Inspector the dropdown ItemList is hiden below the next properties, though I can clearly see that the dropdown list is there and working:

So, the question is: how can I have the dropdown ItemList float over the rest of the propertties?
I tried to look into godot source code to see how the standard dropdown list works, but could not find where it was… So, any help or suggestion would be appriciated.