Editor crash using a plugin when closing/repoening a scene

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Hey there,

I am developing a plugin for the editor that brings a new custom node “TreeNode” in the editor. It enables a new GraphEdit view in the editor when selecting this node in the scene tree. You can then add new graph nodes in the tree inside the TreeNode.

Please download it here : GitHub - StraToN/godot-dialogtreetools: Tool for creating dialog trees for Adventure or RPG games. Made using Godot Engine.
Then add it as a Godot project and edit it.

The editor crashes if you try to close the default example scene and reopen it (mainscene.tscn)

To reproduce :

  • Run the editor in verbose mode (just in case) : ./godot.x11.tools.64 -v
  • Open the project
  • Immediately close the default scene
  • Navigate through the filesystem and reopen the same scene
  • The editor crashes

There is absolutely no log at all, I have no explanation. I think the problem comes from the plugin, not the editor, so I ask here before creating an issue on GH if needed.

Thanks for your help !

Broken signals sometimes do this, check the tscn file for something you think is wrong (is an easy to read TOML file).

eons | 2017-04-15 17:48