Embed Godot in another desktop app

Hi, I’m currently working on kind of an educational app exploring maths, physics and simulations. I first started to develop it entirely in wthe Godot Engine as the UI system in Godot in pretty neat but the more complex it gets, the more I find my self recreating the wheel for the UI and content displayer part. The app includes a lot of text and a dynamic UI such as modern app or website made with HTML/JS/CSS.
At the end, I’m spending nearly as much time developing UI stuff as creating content (and it’s of course the part that I’m interested in).

I recently decided to explore other solutions that would allow me to have a easy already-made solution for the UI (“front-end” part) and let me mess around and have fun with my experiments (“back-end” part). I saw stuff like Tauri which does a good job at this but here comes my question: will I be able to embed a Godot project in another app?

The reason why I would love to is that I’ve been messing around with Godot for about 5 years now and I’m really comfortable with it and it fits perfectly my needs for the simulation side of my project as it has 3D rendering, particule system, shaders and compute shaders, …
In Godot, it’s easy to display a mesh and interact with its vertices through a vertex shader using noise values and would be a real pain to recreate the system (with OpenGL for example) on my side.

The perfect solution would be to be able to export a Godot project as a dynamic library that lets you interact with it. This solution doesn’t exist as far as I know. I saw several questions about the same topic on the forum and on Reddit but there are all at least 2 years old.

In this one, Calinou’s answer, Calinou said that Godot can’t work as a lib. This answer is now 4 years old so I was wondering if anyone had manage to do a similar thing.

Let me know if you have any idea of how to do so!