ENET server fails to start

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By avnih

I’m trying to run a multiplayer server on an aws Ubuntu server, but I get this error:

./Godot_v3.2.3-stable_linux_server.64 --main-pack server.pck
Engine v3.2.3.stable.official - https://godotengine.org
create_server: Condition “!host” is true. Returned: ERR_CANT_CREATE
At: modules/enet/networked_multiplayer_enet.cpp:108.
set_network_peer: Condition “p_peer.is_valid() &&
p_peer->get_connection_status() =
= NetworkedMultiplayerPeer::CONNECTION_DISCONNECTED” is true. At: core/io/multiplayer_api.cpp:144.

Any idea how to proceed from here?

Found the solution. It turned out I couldn’t use a port lower than 1024, due to permissions.

avnih | 2021-02-27 05:45