Enter 3 values by keyboard and add the values. Print the sum (FOR LOOP)

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By RetroDan007

Several days ago I want to make a program that can do this.
Is it possible to do with FOR LOOP?

extends Node
var sumador = 0
var value    
var value_str

func sum():
value_str = $LineEdit.get_text()
if value_str.is_valid_integer():
	value = int(value_str)
	for i in range(3):
		sumador = sumador + value

I call the function from a button.
And in doing so I think it restarts everything

How could I do it? I need help. If someone can help me and send me the resolved project so that I can analyze it, I would appreciate it very much.

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: Inces

Right now your function multiplies one LineEdits entry by four and keeps the result for itself.

First You need to implement a way to get 3 values from LineEdit. For example introduce variable that is array like

 var textvalues = []

and when user presses some Input that accepts value in LineEdit :

if $LineEdit.text.is_valid_integer() :

You can get a sum of every element of array in FOR loop:

func sum():
    var sum = 0
    for entry in textvalues :
          sum += entry
    return sum

But You will need to implement methods to keep array within max 3 elements. SO You will have to think of it - if You want to get a sum of first 3 elements that player enters in LineEdit and then reset, or You want to replace texts of array when Player enters more than 3 arguments and so on.