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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By WhitZam

When I start my game on Godot Engine, it gives an OpenGL error making it impossible for me to test my game, I would like to make a game for Android, how do I solve this? /


What OS? Running your game through the editor or running on android?

clemens.tolboom | 2021-03-26 20:21

Windows 7! And on the Godot Engine Tester

WhitZam | 2021-03-26 20:27

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: clemens.tolboom

Guess you ran into unsupported OpenGL / older windows problem.

See ie for more details

So, there is some engine that produces games for android, that is as light as godot, blender and such! and with portable version? /

WhitZam | 2021-03-26 20:38

Your window 7 maybe (only) needs newer driver for your video card to support OpenGL. In depends on your video card.

(For android you probably need Window 10 too. Or Linux.)

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clemens.tolboom | 2021-03-26 21:21