Error on instanced resource local to scene

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Andrea

I setup a a scene with a viewport (containing just a label node) and a mesh plane.
The plane’s material is set as billboard, and the billboard texture is taken from the viewport.

I made the material local to scene, because i need to instance the scene many times, and i need to read the content of the label text in the billboard (which is different for each scene).
For each instanced scene, the debugger shows me this error:

get_node: Node not found: Viewport
setup_local_to_scene: ViewportTexture: Path to node is invalid

It looks like it is not being able to find the viewport node, except it is, as i can see the correct label text being displayed in the billboard.
I wouldnt care too much, but this thing is flooding my debugger and i cannot see any additional errors.

Any clue??

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: BlotoPK

Hi. Did you resolve this? Someone somewhere said that all you need is put the viewport node above the node which will receive the texture (in the tree). Otherwise the mesh plane (in your case) will want to use the texture even before the viewport was loaded.

sorry dude, this is too old, i dont even recall what project i was working on

Andrea | 2022-07-07 12:43