Error that is very difficult to understand

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By yankscally

JacobianEntrySW: Condition “m_Adiag <= real_t(0.0)” is true.

Getting hundreds of these errors per second. I’m seeing lots of connected RigidBodys, with (mostly) 6DOA joints.

I have absolutely no idea what this means. I know its something to do with joints, but no idea what. The message is too abstract to fix the issue. This clogs up memory - after 10 mins my project will crash.

Here is the entire paste from the debugger

E 0:00:00.967 JacobianEntrySW: Condition “m_Adiag <= real_t(0.0)” is true.
<C++ Source> ./servers/physics/joints/jacobian_entry_sw.h:91 @ JacobianEntrySW()

Unfortunately not an answer to this issue but you should definitely report this here:

[TRACKER] Error macros with cryptic messages due to not having proper custom messages defined · Issue #42719 · godotengine/godot · GitHub

he works on the engine and maybe has an answer to this.

Wurzelpilz | 2021-07-23 23:13