Error while saving highscore: Invalid operands "int" and "Nil" in operator

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Criepstar

So I’m trying to save the highscore for my game but there’ s always a error at the function if the player dies:

	if score > Signals.highScore:
	Signals.highScore = score

The error is ‘Invalid operands ‘int’ and ‘Nil’ in operator ‘>’’.
I even tried multiple tutorials and the godot documentation, but nothing worked
Here’s also the code for the saving and loading

 var save_path = "res://"

func save_data():
	var file =, File.WRITE)

func load_data():
	var file =
	if file.file_exists(save_path):, File.READ)
		Signals.highScore = file.get_var()

I hope it’s not a dumb mistake

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: Thomas Karcher

This has nothing to do with the save code. The error occurs in the comparison (very first line), where one of the operands isn’t a valid number (Nil). Maybe Signals.highScore doesn’t have a value yet when you execute this part of the code for the first time?

So i should set the value like 0?

Criepstar | 2020-12-16 12:51

While this would work, I’d rather try to load the previous highscore first, and only set it to 0 if this fails for whatever reason (file not found, invalid file content, …). Otherwise, you’ll always lose your previously saved highscore as soon as a new one is saved.

Thomas Karcher | 2020-12-16 13:26

Thank you for your help

Criepstar | 2020-12-16 13:38

Since at the end of the load, ready and highscore func print(Signals.highScore), I always get the output Null, I don’t know if its Null only in the german language(the language, the editor is in) in english its Zero. And it doesnt generate a save file. I made a if else at the load func. Have I made an mistake at the save function?

Criepstar | 2020-12-16 17:05

“Null” is not the same as “0”, but means “empty, not defined”. So the value wasn’t assigned yet when you tried to print it. To make sure highScore has a value from the beginning, try the following:

func load_data():
    var file =
    if file.file_exists(save_path):, File.READ)
        Signals.highScore = file.get_var()
    # make sure to assign a default value in case anything went wrong before
    if typeof(Signals.highScore) == TYPE_NIL:
        Signals.highScore = 0

func _ready():

Now you should see “0” (or some other number, but not “Null”) in the output, and saving should work as well, correct?

By the way: Feel free to reply in German if that’s easier for you.

Thomas Karcher | 2020-12-16 20:25

Really, thank you for your help, now its working fine.

Criepstar | 2020-12-17 08:48