Example project for Godot 3.5.3 C# -> HTML5 Export

This is my first project in Godot. I am a loooong time C# / UI Developer and have coded many tools using C# and the .NET Framework over the years (Console + Windows.Forms GUIs).

My most favorite tool that I created was a ROM editor for Tecmo Super Bowl using C#/WinForms called ‘TSBTool’ (TSBTool.exe / TSBToolSupreme.exe).
I became interested in Godot helping my son learn Game development (a dream of his) and I was very impressed at the UI library included with Godot.

So I ended up porting TSBTool to a Godot 3 program to hopefully enable it’s operation inside a Web Browser.

And I was successful, but I did notice it wasn’t super easy finding all the info to overcome the issues I encountered.

The project is at:

All are free to have a look at this working example.

I particularly found the performance interesting.

C# on Windows is very fast. But C#/mono in the browser … not so much.

I’ve documented the issues that I had on the README.md + some simple performance data with C#, GDScript & JavaScript.

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