Exporting / Importing / Playing multi-object animations (Blender to Godot)

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By unfa

I’ve made an animated model in Blender.

The model has a few separate parts that have to be animated separately, yet all the “parts” should play their animations together to achieve a complex result.

Right now what I have is separate Animation Actions for each part in Blender.

When I export the model to GLTF and import it into Godot the actions are all listed in a AnimationPlayer, but I have no way of grouping them and playing them simultaneously.

I wonder if either:

  1. There’s a way to merge the animations so they are a single Action exported from Blender
  2. Merge them in post in Godot (not as good, as every time Ire-import the mesh I need to do manual work)
  3. Play them simultaneously in Godot somehow in a way that doesn’t break with every re-import of the GLTF scene.

I thought I could maybe achieve the 3 option with the AnimationTreePlayer but I failed to figure this out. Are there any tutorials or other resources tackling this issue?

Imagine I have animated a complex cutscene in Blender and I want to import it in Godot.
Is that even doable right now?