False positive "cyclic dependencies". Two scripts emit error, yet the one class they depended on doesn't?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Y_VRN

I have several scripts as classes (class_name), and all but two (Render_Card and Card_Formatter) keep bothering me with a non-existent “cyclic dependency” or “script error”. Code works as expected, so there can’t be any problem, yet I get the message anyways.

Reloading the project temporarily relieves me of this, but then they will start yelping at me again at some point. When I add comments before the values of the class variables, all but one custom class (Font_Shorts, not really relevant) triggers the message in that one script. Even if I clear everything but the variables that contain dependencies, it still won’t go away.

I’ve searched for a while, only to be led to questions that are not related to my problem. I was only able to find one, yet there was no definite answer.

Is this a bug, or is there a way I can prevent this? I’ll provide some code:

Render Card.gd:

class_name Render_Card extends Panel

# These three are the problematic lines I have to deal with. Font_Shorts is fine.
var Card_Types = Modular_Card.Stack_Type
var Card : Modular_Card
var ECC = Easy_Coordinates_Control.new()
var F_S = Font_Shorts.new()

var Connections = {}

var Rendered_Stacks = {}

var Context = "MODULAR_CARD"

func _Process_Render_Card_Properties(Stack):
	var Stack_Container = VBoxContainer.new()
	Stack_Container.rect_min_size = Vector2(200, 60)
	match Stack.TYPE:
		1, 2, 5, 6:
			var Stack_Title_Label = Label.new()
			Stack_Title_Label.text = Stack.get("TITLE") if Stack.get("TITLE") else ""
			Stack_Title_Label.rect_min_size = Vector2(0, 16)
			Stack_Title_Label.add_font_override("font", F_S.Fonts.Card.Title)
			ECC.Unset_Offset(Stack_Title_Label) # Resets size to literally 0 on both axes.
			ECC.Anchor(Stack_Title_Label, 0, 1) # Utilizes anchor instead. Min size helps here too.
			match Stack.TYPE:
				2, 5, 6:
					var Stack_Description_Label = Label.new()
					Stack_Description_Label.text = Stack.get("DESCRIPTION") if Stack.get("DESCRIPTION") else ""
					Stack_Description_Label.add_font_override("font", F_S.Fonts.Card.Description)
					ECC.Anchor(Stack_Description_Label, null, 1, null, 1)
					ECC.Offset(Stack_Description_Label, 0, 0, 16, 0)
					if Stack.TYPE == 5:
					elif Stack.TYPE == 6:
	return Stack_Container

func Update_Contents():
	var Y_Offset = 0
	if Card != null:
		for Stack in Card.Contents:
			if not Rendered_Stacks.get(Stack):
				var New_Render_Stack = _Process_Render_Card_Properties(Stack)
				New_Render_Stack.set_position(New_Render_Stack.get_position() + Vector2(0, Y_Offset))
				Y_Offset += New_Render_Stack.rect_size.y
				Rendered_Stacks[Stack] = New_Render_Stack

func Attach():
	if Card:
		Card.connect("Inserted", Update_Contents)
		Card.connect("Retracted", Update_Contents)

func Detach():
	if Card:
		Card.disconnect("Inserted", Update_Contents)
		Card.disconnect("Retracted", Update_Contents)

func _init():
	rect_min_size = Vector2(200, 100)

func _ready():


class_name Card_Formatter

var Formats = {}

func _Copy_Over(T1 : Dictionary, T2 : Dictionary, Index_Name : PoolStringArray):
	for Index in Index_Name:
		if T1[Index]:
			T2[Index] = T1[Index]

#	Creates a stripped-down version of the given card. Titles are preserved (including titles in
# 	other stack types).
#	If All param is set, all properties will retain their values, as if a card was duplicated.
func Extract_Format_From_Card(Card : Modular_Card, Name : String, All : bool = false):
	# Error in the param (Card : Modular_Card)
	if not Name:
		return {message = "Name is required."}
	var Format = []
	if not All:
		for Index in Card.Contents.size():
			var Value = Card.Contents[Index]
			var Type = Value.TYPE
			var Stack_Format = {}
			Stack_Format.TYPE = Type
			match Type:
				-1, 0:
				1, 2, 6:
					_Copy_Over(Value, Stack_Format, PoolStringArray(["TITLE"]))
					_Copy_Over(Value, Stack_Format, PoolStringArray(["TITLE", "NOTICE"]))
		Format = [Card.Contents.duplicate(true)]
	Formats[Name] = Format
	return Format

func Create_Blank_Card_From_Format(Name : String):
	if not Formats.has(Name):
		return {message = "Format \"" + Name + "\" "}
	var Format : Array = Formats[Name]
	var New_Card = Modular_Card.new()
	for Stack in Format:
		Stack = Stack as Dictionary
		var Message = New_Card.Insert(Stack.TYPE, Stack)
		if Message is Dictionary:
	return New_Card

The false error only seems to appear for custom classes “Easy_Coordinates_Control” and “Modular_Card”. Checking either script, the error does not appear, or had any dependencies to “Render_Card” or “Card_Formatter”.

Apologies if this is unclear, I wrote this past midnight and I’m exhausted. Thanks in advance.