Fighter Jet ( Ex. SU-30 ) Physics and Maths In GDScript.

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Harshdeep Patel

Hi all, I want to make simple air fighter game with only one SU-30. just like ace combat 7 skies unknown. ( Just flying, no multiplayer, no bombs or etc. ).

I’ve all things set-up like, model and map.
but, don’t know what physics and maths calculation do we need for that in GDScript.
I searched on google as well as in YT. but, didn’t find any guide.
Please help me.

I didn’t quite get what you mean by mathematics & physics, but if you want a simple game (not realistic simulation) you can just create a kinematic body, add collision shape to it and move it through the air with “move_and_collide” function. You have a lot of tutorials how to do it for 3d characters/vehicles, the concept is the same for the airplane, except you always have to also add vertical force to keep it in the air. If you want to make a simulation, you have to simulate all the physical effects like air resistance, pressure, engine thrust etc. Which are independent from engine. In that case, you should see how other simulations implemented all the physical impacts in their games and try to do the same using godot tools.

gmaps | 2019-08-12 13:24