First Game tutorial: "ERROR: Couldn't load frame resource"

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By mf2

I am trying to follow the tutorial „Your first game“ here:

I have created the project and unzipped the assets into my project folder. Now I try to create the sprite animation, as outlined here:

However, I can’t „Drag the two images for each animation, named playerGrey_up[1/2] and playerGrey_walk[1/2], into the “Animation Frames” side of the panel“:

  • Dragging the files from the explorer does nothing
  • The files don’t show up in the „file system“ pane on the left

So I tried to add the files by using the „load resource“ button, but I get:

![“ERROR: Couldn’t load frame resource”][1]

On stdout I see:

   At: core\io\resource_loader.cpp:285```

Do I need to convert the PNGs into a format that Godot understands first? If so, which format is this?