Forum Sign Up button goes to Log In page

There are distinct buttons to Sign Up and Log In. However, both go to the same page which assumes you want to log in. On this page, a small “Register” link is hidden in the footer instead.

I’m guessing it is done this way for SSO integrations, since they combine both flows into one. However this is still a confusing UX for those wishing to register a traditional account.

You are right, this is because of the SSO integration.

Would it be less confusing if we hide the “Sign Up” button via CSS? That way there only is “Log In”, so users are not confused by the login form that follows and can look for the “register” button there

Removing Sign Up altogether would likely still create confusion for new users. Would it be possible to combine the buttons, to indicate they share functionality?


I’m not familiar with Discourse’s capabilities as a platform. If CSS is the only tool, then you can fake it with pseudo elements and content properties. But editing the DOM would generally be preferable.

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We can hide the sign up button via CSS, and change the text of the remaining button in the site settings.

This seems like the best option, thanks for the feedback!

(I’ll wait if other people have more opinion on this, but from my side this seems good)

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I like this solution! pretty clean :+1:

Implemented in Hide sign-up button · godotengine/discourse-theme@80fecc6 · GitHub

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