FSM implementation

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i’m trying to implement a fsm for my already started project (that has horrible spaghetti code). I made a diagram so you could see what i’m trying to do but i do have some trouble with a few things.
enter image description here

ok so as it’s said in the diagram, transition only occurs when a certain condition is met (i’ll put it at the top of the do function) and not really to event. I guess i should use signals but i don’t know if i should mix both conditions and signals or switch fully to signals. Also about signals, i have a hard time trying to visualize how it would go at runtime and i don’t know if it’s a really good idea to hook my states to a bunch of signals and then let some code execute (and the states would have to have a ref. to the fsm node that’d make a lot ref. inside a lot of nodes) and most importantly i don’t know if it would fit with the current diagram even though i know it should be the logic to adopt (events that triggers transitions).
Ok that’s it if you have any suggestion or help to offer…

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nooberdev | 2018-08-29 14:09