Function argument count limit

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By fruktus

Hi. I have created a function (in GDScript), which accepts exactly six arguments. When calling it through Node Group Signal with 6 parameters, the function is not executed. When I change the signature to only include 5 parameters, everything works as expected. Is there some kind of limit or am I missing something?

I have found one question which is kind of similar, except it seems to be using C++ instead of GDScript.

Thank you for help.

I can’t answer this directly, but I would like to indicate, that if You ever need to pass this many arguments to function, You can pass just one dictionary

Inces | 2022-04-10 20:16

That is what I did in the end, although I didn’t expect this behavior at all and spent quite a lot of time looking for mistake, but for naught. Thanks

fruktus | 2022-04-10 21:08