Function has the same name as a previously declared signal

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Retro2Modern

I just updated to the new Godot Engine 4.0.1 and reimported a redux of a tutorial platformer project by Firebelley Games then checked my project and saw some errors in the scripts and one of them has the “Function has the same name as a previously declared signal” error. Is there a way to fix something like this so I can at least continue on, or do I need to revert back to the previous Godot engine I used?

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: DevBadger10

Maybe try changing the function name? CTRL + R replaces all mentions in a file, so you could replace broken_function() with fixed_function()

Thank you for the help with this solution. Right now, I might use Godot 3.5.2 LTS for now and when I at least have something finished, I will try and translate everything to Godot 4.0.1.

Retro2Modern | 2023-03-29 15:23

I personally would finish development in 3.5.1 unless you need a 4.0.1 feature. Also, if it’s helpful,could you select mine as the best answer as that way others can have help with this problem?

DevBadger10 | 2023-03-29 21:12

You know, a 4.0.x feature does sound like a good idea.

Retro2Modern | 2023-03-29 21:33