GameNite's Latest Upgrade: Revolutionizing Gaming with Seamless Phone-to-Game Integration

Extension: GameNite Controlpads - Godot Asset Library

Usage and details are in the description of the extension on the Asset Library

We’re thrilled to announce an upgrade to GameNite Controlpads GDExtension – our custom gaming console that’s been redefining the gaming experience. For those new to GameNite, imagine a console that not only plays games but integrates seamlessly with your phone, turning it into a dynamic controller.

:joystick: The Big News: Our Custom GDExtension!

Our team has updated our GDExtension, for Godot versions >= 4.1 enhancing how your smartphone interacts with GameNite games.

:bulb: Your Thoughts?

We’d love to hear your feedback. Are you excited about this new integration? What games would you love to play with this feature? Let’s discuss!

:star2: Join us on this incredible journey to redefine gaming. Welcome to the future with GameNite!

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