(GDScript) How do you store built-in functions (such as floor(), ceil(), etc.) in arrays/dictionaries/variables?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By V1Ultrakill

I’m pretty new to the GDScript language, but I know that functions in GDScript aren’t first class, so you can’t store them in variables. I know about FuncRef and how to use them to (somewhat) store functions in variables, but I don’t think it works with built-in functions, like floor and round.
I’m (more, at least) familiar with Python, and in Python i can store functions and call them in this way:

functions = [abs,max]
foo = functions[0](-1) # basically abs(-1), which is in turn 1

I’m trying to do this in GDScript, what’s the closest GDScript equivalent?
I’ve tried to RTFM, but I don’t think i’ve seen any mentions of FuncRefs being used with built-in functions in the docs.
There are some workarounds I can do i.e. wrapping the built-in function, but it feels dirty.

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: dewcked

I think there already is implementation of lambda function in godot 4.0 (but not backported)

see below

I think this might be possible with lamda?