General - Introduction

Hello everyone,

I’m excited to join this community as I’m new here and eager to dive into the world of game development. I’ve been browsing around and already found some fascinating discussions and resources.

As a newcomer, I’d appreciate any tips, ideas, or advice you can offer to help me get started on the right foot. Whether it’s about programming languages, game design principles, or useful tools and resources, I’m all ears! Feel free to share your experiences and insights.

Also, I’m currently working on a travel website, where I’ve been gaining some experience in web development and design. While it’s a different field, I believe there’s a lot of overlap with game development, especially in terms of problem-solving and creativity.

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  1. Godot docs have good tutorial to make your first game (2d or 3d)
  2. 20 Games challenge is good to get some practice making simple games
  3. You have typo here
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You can find a lot of useful information about all aspects of game development in Godot in this tutorial. It will guide you through the entire process from start to finish and explain each step in detail. Or you can try a book if you prefer reading to watching.