Getting apksigner error when uploaded APK to play console

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By abhinav

I have created the key using keytool and added its path in Godot Project->Export->Android.
Then i created APK by signing using key created. When uploaded on Google Play Console, i am getting the below error:

You uploaded an APK with an invalid signature (learn more about signing). Error from apksigner: ERROR: MIN_SIG_SCHEME_FOR_TARGET_SDK_NOT_MET: Target SDK version 30 requires a minimum of signature scheme v2; the APK is not signed with this or a later signature scheme

Can anyone please help me to resolve this issue.

From the error seems that you need a newer signature sceme version(v2). Information about apksigner here:
apksigner  |  Android 개발자  |  Android Developers
Maybe this happens because you use godot-3.2.2. In godot 3.3 added some futures for android signing:
Godot 3.3 has arrived, with a focus on optimization and reliability

dancaer69 | 2021-06-05 08:23

Thanks…Godot_3.3.2 solved this issue.

abhinav | 2021-06-05 18:05