Getting more dynamic-looking 2D scenes (with tilemaps)

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Snail0259

Hi, I have decided to make a 2d, platformer-style 2d game in Godot with a clean look, and I’m not sure how I can get the scene looking dynamic and clean. I want to use tilemaps to achieve that. This leads me to my next question, about Ploygon2Ds. Is it advised to create my tilemap in Godot (again, with the polygon2Ds), so that I don’t have to mess around in GIMP? Also, is it feasible to create an autotile using this method?

To sum this up:

  1. Can I create a dynamic scene using tilemaps (preferably using autotiles)
  2. Can I create said autotiles directly in Godot (as I would create a regular single tile), and export them to a TileSet?

EDIT: What I mean my ‘dynamic’, is how the roof sort of slants down, removing the blocky feel from the scene.

EDIT 2: I’ve realized that you can’t make tilemaps with polygon2ds, however, if someone knows a way, please tell me! :slight_smile:

An example of a ‘dynamic scene’ (from brackeys’ tutorial on ‘how to make a game look great’.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!