GIF creation/capture for showing off your games?

I’m using Ubuntu and I’m looking for a simple tool to capture small gifs of my game to post here and on social media. What’s the best option?

you can make a video with any screen capture and turn it into a gif


It seems to handle webm files too (the files the default Ubuntu video capture saves as). I’ve bookmarked that site :slight_smile: .

I do remember back in my Windows days, I had an app that would allow you to drag-highlight any part of the screen and hit record/stop, and it would save a gif. I don’t remember what it was called, it was years ago and I doubt there’s a Linux version. But there was no need to record a video first. That sort of thing would be ideal, but I do like your online option :slight_smile:

I also found an app I can run on my local machine called ‘Gifcurry’ which seems to be fairly good. But again requires me to create a video first.

Thanks @pham150603

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