Glossy and Frensel Shader in GLSL2

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By abhaskumarsinha

Hello World!

I’m trying to make a Android Game. It’s not a game actually, but, it’s a Hyper-Realistic simulation of Jurassic Park, it contains many Dinosaur Species, and the Gaming Concept is similar to Infinity World like - “Temple Run”. It’s a educational as well as Adventure Genre game.

But, It has stories and Cut scenes. It’s demo version is decided to be done in Godot v2.1.4, as my PC is just upto OpenGL2. I’ve heard that Godot Developers saying that Godot v3.0 is not made for Mobile, so, I’m working on Godot 2.1.4 as a demo version and if the games, gets hits, then the further part will be done in Godot 3.1.

Apart from the fact that Godot v2.1.4 is not PBR, still, I’m able to fake many effects like SSS (Subsurface Scattering), Metallic, Fake Reflective (using reflect() function in GLSL 2 shaders), Emission (the effects of emission/glow can be seen in the surrounding objects), Real-Time Global Illumination, DOF (to some fake extent), PBR materials in non PBR renderer (Using Normal Dot Method to Get Fake Frensel Effect).

But, here comes the real problem, there’s a scene when a T-rex Dino, gazes at water (Its Raining Season and the Water gets on the Mud), when it lost the War, and there’s a Reflection of It, that the Dino is Watching it’s own face on the water and a Night Sky is at Background, which clears after Rain, and the Stars are Brightly Lit. So, there just few Asteroid from the sky, and when the Dino gets it’s attention to the that Asteroid. It immediately moves his head into the sky, and the Asteroid falls, and fire everywhere! and the Era of Dinosaurs Ends.

So, it’s clear that I need a Glossy/Reflective Shader to get that water done, so that the dino’s face gets visible in it. Also, there are a lot of fire around the Asteroid, so, I need Fresnel Shader too (to get some stylish Fire).

This is the biggest Problem. If anyone of the Experts here have any solution, then please just Help me.

Thanks In Advance!